LullaWrap - iParenting Award Winner

LullaWrap - iParenting Award Winner

The Original 3 Step Swaddle – Fold, Tuck, Secure.

Every mother can attest to the miracle of the Swaddle. The sense of security and warmth infants feel from being wrapped tightly is a remarkable pacifier that helps them to calm down and sleep easier. Created by an advisory board of pediatricians, teachers and mothers, the LullaWrap is a receiving blanket that is specifically designed to simplify swaddling. Because of its generous size, streamlined design and cozy fabric, using the LullaWrap ensures a secure swaddle in 3 easy steps: Fold, Tuck & Secure.

LullaWrap is available in three fabrics and packaged with easy to follow instructions.

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Pointelle Lullawrap™

Deluxe Cotton Pointelle LullaWrap
The Simple 3 Step Swaddle: Fold - Tuck - Secure.

Our newest LullaWrap is made of a beautiful, premium cotton that will sure to be your child’s favorite. Made of a luxurious lofty fabric with subtle texture, this breathable cotton keeps baby warm in the Fall & Winter months, yet cool in the Spring & Summer months. Generously sized at 35” x 35”. Available in white, blue and pink; each with a mocha ric rac trim.

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